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The duties of Maida Vale escorts are different than that of other jobs. Before they go out with a customer, there is a deal that happens with the customer service of the agency. The moment that the staff of the agency and the customer both agree to the deal, then that’s the time that you will spend time with the customer even without seeing the looks of the customer.

In their work, the escorts do not have the chance of demanding things from the customer. It is the customer who will ask favor from the escorts. The following are the duties of the escorts to the customer.

Whether the customer is young or with high age, the escort cannot refuse to join the customer especially if the appointment is already booked. The age is not the issue here. What matters is the contentment of the customers.

If one of the customers asks the escort to accompany him in a certain place where he can visit, the escort must not refuse to be a travel companion. The customer is the one who will select the wonderful place that he wants to visit. For instance, the customer asks the escort to be at the casino. The Maida Vale escort should go with the customer. As one of the escorts, it is the duty to be with their customer.

Escorts should not be shy during the time of meeting with the customers. Escorts should do the duty of giving excitement and joy to the customers. Unnecessary behavior must be eliminated. The only thing that should be given priority is the good and fulfilling service to the customers.

The escorts are not allowed to pick the place that they are going with the customers. The customer is the one responsible for selecting the place. If there is time that the customer asked the escorts on nice place that they can go with, that is the time that the escort can make a suggestion.

When there is already an appointment between the customer and the escort, then the escort should come. For example the customer asks the escort to come with him at the party, then, the escorts should go to the place without hesitation. The escort must not choose the place for the party. Also, escort must not refuse the offer of the customer especially if it is already the time.

It is very important to be familiar first with the duties and responsibilities of Maida Vale escorts. Familiarizing the duties will result to pleasant and agreeable condition between the escorts and the customers.